America: The New Mission Field

April 8, 2008

I was planning to post another short about my recent trip to the States, but it will have to wait for another day. This post, while it is about America, has nothing to do with my trip. I wouldn’t normally comment on things like I am today, but I couldn’t really let this go.

My mom forwarded me an email the other day about Oprah. Let’s pause here and just say for the record that my mom is really good about not forwarding emails to me that she knows I’m not going to be interested in. And I appreciate that. But this one I guess she couldn’t resist. The email had a link to a YouTube video that basically says we need to be aware of what Oprah is preaching, flip off our TV, etc., etc. It seems a new resistance, or problem, or worrying trend, or whatever you want to call it, has sprung up against Oprah regarding her new book club selection The New Earth. It’s basically a new age book, which according to some, looks very similar to what you would find in Buddhism. Now for the record I don’t think or care about Oprah all that much. They air her show over here about 6 months after it airs in the States. The only time I really get interested in watching is when Dr. Oz is on. I like him, and come on, when is more knowledge about your colon not a good idea.

I think many individuals for a long time have realized that when it comes to faith or spirituality Oprah is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. So when she speaks about faith (or anything related to it) I typically don’t pay much attention. And I haven’t paid much attention to this either. And I don’t really plan to. And I don’t think you should either.

Here’s why. Focusing on things like this only succeed in taking our focus off things that really matter, things that will in the end have a lasting impact on eternity. Focus on being Jesus to your neighbor, your co-worker, your children, your parents…basically anyone you come in contact with. Take all the energy and effort you would use to tell the masses about the evilness of Oprah and use it to tell about the greatness of God. Go work at a homeless shelter. Clean up your neighborhood. Invite your neighbors over for dinner. Do something to increase the Kingdom. Don’t waste your time on Oprah.

The only thing that’s worth noticing about the latest belief system of Oprah, and those that are following her is that once again, it’s evidence that America is heading towards post-Christianity. In all honesty, America is the new mission field. And just think, you’re there, living right in the midst of it. You don’t even have to pack up your belongings and move across the ocean to be on mission with God. It’s all around you, right where you live.



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