First Research Project

April 21, 2007

After hearing about Ed Stetzer’s move to LifeWay Research and the collaboration that will take place between IMB, NAMB, & LifeWay, (you can read through others’ thoughts on this here, here, here and here) I have a proposal for Ed for his first research project in this new position:

What are the key characteristics, the positive influences which influence growth, and the negative influences which stunt growth in simple, organic churches of non-indegenous ethnic minorities (i.e. Iranians, Kurds, Bengalis, etc.) in post-modern cultures (i.e. London, Paris, etc.)?

I’m looking forward to your findings…

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One Response to “First Research Project”

  1. stepchild said

    I like your proposal. I’d be interested in the findings as well…

    Thanks for blogging. I appreciate the conversation.

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