and so it begins

April 1, 2007

As I’ve viewed and read others blogs, places like missions misunderstood, love each stone, sbc outpost, and others, I’ve wanted to comment about the things I was reading. Then I found that what I really wanted to do was be free to give my opinion while not hi-jacking someone else’s thread. So, I’ve always chosen not to comment.

But I can’t any longer. I feel like I need to use Cultural Dichotomy to get my thoughts out, to ask questions, and to hopefully move the conversation down the road a little further.

Hi, my name is shorty, and I’m a blogger.


2 Responses to “and so it begins”

  1. Marty said

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. andiwolf said

    cool. welcome shorty! great to know the spirit is still pushing people into expressing their heart in the open sphere of our world. please do. we might listen! 😉

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